Lee's agent: 'I've never said CC [deal] is the goal'

With the Yankees considered the favorites by many to land Cliff Lee, his agent is in the midst of setting up some final meetings before taking center stage at the Winter Meetings next Monday in Orlando, Fla.

"We're comfortable about where we are now," agent Dareck Braunecker said Thursday. "You have a guy who is in high demand."

Lee is expected to command a salary of $20 million-plus per season. At 32, he might receive less years than the seven that Lee's good buddy and former Indians teammate CC Sabathia did. Sabathia's total is for $161 million. It is believed that Braunecker wants to start the negotiations there, but realistically probably can only go only get his client six years at most, maybe five.

"I've never said CC is the goal," Braunecker said when asked if he would match Sabathia's deal.

While Braunecker will take center stage on Monday, his client will be deer hunting. Lee will only make his way to Orlando if there is a news conference to announce his new deal.

This weekend, Lee will be busy as well, which makes scheduling follow-up meetings with teams a little tricky. Lee is being honored by the Arkansas Boys & Girls Club as their leader of the year. Braunecker declind to say if he is trying to put together another meeting with the Yankees.

If the Yankees are to meet with Lee again, GM Brian Cashman could leave after his rappelling rehearsal on Friday morning.

Cashman is scheduled to repel off a 22-story building on Friday morning, which will be seen on Fox News' "Fox & Friends." On Sunday, he will participate in the Heights and Lights Holiday program in Stamford, Conn. He will repel from the side of the same building in an elf suit.

Cashman could set up a meeting on either Friday afternoon or Saturday and still be able to jump off the building, wearing a safety harness.

There will be no net for either jump, but, just like with Lee, Cashman appears all in.