Zimmer recalls run-in with Pedro

UNCASVILLE, Conn. -- As much as the Mike Piazza and Roger Clemens bat accident is a memorable Subway Series moment, the Pedro Martinez and Don Zimmer altercation in Game 3 of the 2003 ALCS is perhaps even more memorable.

In one of the funnier moments at the Connecticut Sports Foundation's annual celebrity dinner and memorabilia auction which celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Subway Series, Zimmer entertained the crowd at the dinner with his recollection of his charge at Martinez. Here's the transcript of what he had to say:

"I did wrong. I should have never went out there. He threw at our left fielder, Garcia, Karim Garcia, at his head and he went back and he looked over at [Jorge] Posada on the side and went like this (points to head) as if to say, 'You're next,' and then the next day all hell break loose when we threw close to somebody and all our players went out to the mound fighting and I'm the only [one] sitting on the bench and I said, 'I can't sit here I gotta go out and fight too. I can't run no more.

"The only thing I had in my mind was I'm going after one guy and that's [Pedro] Martinez. My intention was to go across the mound and I couldn't find him in the melee and here he comes out of the dugout. When he comes out of the dugout at full speed which wasn't very good I wanted to put my head in his chest and bowl him over and then nail him.

"Unfortunately, he got the best of me and he didn't do nothing wrong. He wasn't going to let me hit him. So he just grabbed me and threw me down and I wound up on the ground with a pulled groin and that's the Martinez situation."