Rothschild: Silva could be gold for Yankees

Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild served as Carlos Silva's pitching coach with the Chicago Cubs and thinks the supersized righty -- 6-4, 280 pounds -- could help the team. "He's a strike-thrower and that’s not a bad thing to have,'' Rothschild said. "I have not seen him (recently), but I’ve talked to people a little bit just to see where the velocity was and things like that. He’s a command guy and he’s got a real good changeup, so we’ll see.''

Rothschild also said he saw no evidence that Silva is a hothead, a reputation burnished by his bitter exit from the Cubs when they cut him at the end of spring training. "We worked well together. I didn't have any problems with him,'' said the easygoing Rothschild, who said the same about Carlos Zambrano.

Along with Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon, who are on the major-league roster, Mark Prior currently in Single A, and Kevin Millwood, as-yet unassigned but in Tampa on extended spring training, Silva is the latest retread to be stockpiled by the Yankees this season.

"You have a few guys and you hope you catch lightning in a bottle with one or two,'' Rothschild said. "So far with Colon and with (Luis) Ayala we’ve gotten pretty lucky. They’ve thrown the ball well. And if we can do that one or two more times, it’s gonna help us a lot.''