Dickerson 'fine' after memory tests

New York Yankees outfielder Chris Dickerson underwent 15 minutes of memory and recognition tests on Friday, he told reporters.

A CT scan Thursday revealed that Dickerson suffered a concussion when he was beaned in the head by Baltimore Orioles left-handed reliever Mike Gonzalez on Wednesday night. However, Dickerson said he was going to take swings before Friday night's game against the New York Mets to see if he could play.

Dickerson said he was a little dizzy Friday morning, but was able to finally get some sleep and said he felt "fine" and that his "energy had returned."

"Unless I get lost on the way home or forget what city I'm in, I should be fine," Dickerson said.

Manager Joe Girardi said he had not talked to trainer Gene Monahan and team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad, so he didn't know if a trip to the new seven-day concussion disabled list would be necessary for Dickerson.