Girardi: I called for Granderson's bunt

Joe Girardi said it was his call to have the hot-hitting Curtis Granderson sacrifice bunt in a tie game and no one out in the seventh.

"I was trying to get a lead, in a sense," Girardi said. "It is a lefty he hasn't seen a lot of. I thought it was a good time to bunt there. There are times where I will just let him swing the bat there, as well. You've seen me do that. But today I thought it was time to bunt."

It did move the runners over to second and third, and the Yankees did go on to take the lead and blow the game open. But it seemed odd to take the bat out of Granderson's hands. He already had a solo homer in the game, and has been crushing lefties all season.

Yes, he was unfamiliar with Tim Byrdak. But he also has 16 homers, eight off lefties.

Girardi didn't want to go into full detail about his strategy.

"I'm not real big on talking about what we are doing strategy-wise," Girardi said. "Strategy and pitch selection is near and dear to my heart, I'm not trying to be mean."

It is not mean, but a baseball manager talking about strategy hardly seems like revealing the Pentagon Papers.

Anyway, Granderson was fine with the move, saying he has bunted plenty of times. That is true, but Granderson is clearly the most dangerous hitter on the team right now.

Girardi's strategy worked -- so, ultimately, he is right -- but the manager needed a little luck as A-Rod's 65-foot-nubber produced the go-ahead run. If it were hit a little harder, it might have led to an inning-ending double play.

A-Rod, for one, thought his manager made the right call.

"Those are the things we need to do," Rodriguez said. "We can't depend on the three-run homer all the time. I think with 3, 4 and 5 coming up, I think it is always a great play; especially at home."