Girardi sees naked flaws in Safeco security

Yankees manager Joe Girardi was not amused by the parade of field invaders who interrupted Saturday night's game at Safeco Field -- four in all, including one who did his dance in the altogether.

"It shouldn't happen, but it did,'' Girardi said before Sunday's series finale between the Yankees and Mariners. "I think the penalties should be severe.''

Girardi seemed especially annoyed with the leisurely fashion in which stadium security escorted the game-crashers off the field.

"Instead of walking them off, bring out a flatbed cart, put em face down on the cart and get em off the field,'' Girardi said. "Because it seemed to me, what he did, the marching band leader or whatever he did, he made it kind of a spectacle. So I’m not a fan of walking them out slowly. I say put em on a cart and get em out.''

Girardi was referring to one guy who did a high-step routine as he was led off the field. security concerns aside, Girardi's main complaint was that the delay in clearing the field was a distraction to his pitchers. Joba Chamberlain actually threw some warmup pitches while waiting for the naked guy to be removed from the field in the ninth inning.

"It disrupts your pitcher and that's a problem,'' Girardi said. "Its like another three-minute break.''