El NEEE-no: Well, I never . . .

. . . made three errors in one game. "Not even in Little League,'' said Ramiro Pena. "It was weird, man. Good thing we won.''

Pena's fifth inning at the Great American Ball Park was a nightmare that started with a throw to first that tailed away from Jorge Posada and hit the baserunner, Drew Stubbs, in the mouth. After a single by Edgar Renteria sent Stubbs to third, Pena fielded a grounder by Ryan Hanigan and fired home trying to cut off the run. But his throw skipped in front of Francisco Cervelli, who couldn't handle the hop and got bowled over in the process. Two innings later, Pena whiffed on a hot grounder by Stubbs that was hit right at him.

"After the third one, I was like, 'That's it, it's enough. Concentrate

more,''' Pena said.

In the dugout, Pena said his teammates tried to rally him. "They say, 'Come on, you're good. Forget about it. It happens. Just be

ready for the next one.'''

And he was, starting a big double play after the seventh inning error and flagging down a hot smash by Scott Rolen for the second out of the ninth inning.

"Just very uncharacteristic of Nino,'' Joe Girardi said. "Nino’s a great defender. I’ll put him out there anytime. It just wasn't his day.''

Girardi backed up his words by putting Pena at second base in place of Robbie Cano for the second game of the doubleheader.