Hellickson wouldn't have minded yielding 3K

Here's one pitcher who wouldn't mind being in the record book as the pitcher who gave up hit No. 3,000 to Derek Jeter.

"I guess it would have kind of been cool to give it up as long as it didn't cost me a run or anything," said Tampa Bay pitcher Jeremy Hellickson, who had his start rained out Friday. "I wasn't really planning on giving it up."

Hellickson actually has had a dog named Jeter since 2005, right after he signed with Tampa Bay. He said he liked Jeter while he was growing up and it led to the naming.

"It turned out that way, I really wasn't expecting this to happen when I named him that," Hellickson said. "I didn't think I was going to be in this position six years ago, but it's kind of funny the way things happen."