A.J., Jorge, Sori on waivers?

The New York Post is reporting that the Yankees have placed A.J. Burnett, Rafael Soriano and Jorge Posada on the waiver wire, from which they can be claimed by any other major league team in the next 48 hours. Yankees GM Brian Cashman refused to confirm or deny any specific names on the list, but did say, "I sent out seven guys (Monday), I sent out another seven today and I'll send out seven more tomorrow. At some point, every single one of my guys will be on the waiver wire. It's meaningless.''

It is done to gauge interest from other clubs for possible trades. The Yankees generally assume their players will not be claimed because of their prohibitively expensive contracts -- Burnett, for instance, is owed another $33 million for the next two seasons plus a pro-rated amount of his $16.5 million salary for this season, and Soriano is owed $25 million plus the remainder of his $10 million 2011 salary -- but as Cashman said, "You never know what will happen.''

And all waivers, of course, can be rescinded by the club. The case of Posada is interesting, however, because he is owed approximately $4 million on his expiring $13.1 million deal for this year, a relatively reasonable amount. However, given his poor production this season -- .236-9-30, a .318 OBP and .382 SLG, lower than any of his teammates other than Derek Jeter and Russell Martin -- it is unlikely any other team would view him as a bargain at any price.

Maybe that is why Cashman said, "Jorge Posada isn't going anywhere.''