How, exactly, did Freddy Get Fingered?

August, 15, 2011
OK, so we all know Freddy Garcia is out of the rotation for awhile due to a cut sustained on his right index finger sometime last week. But the mystery persists: How, what was he doing and how exactly did he do it?

The story is that Garcia cut himself while preparing "something'' in his kitchen, and pressed for more details today, provided, well, nothing.

Here are some verbatim excerpts from the conversation between Garcia and Yankee beat writers:

Q: What were you cutting?

"Stuff in the house.''

Q: Were you making dinner?

"Something like that.''

Q: When did it happen?

"I cut myself in the house. What's the deal? I just cut it.''

Q: Are you at least a good cook?

"I try to be.''

Manager Joe Girardi wasn't much more help. "He said he did it in the kitchen with a knife,'' Girardi said. "The bottom line is, how he did it exactly, if he was cutting a pear or a piece of celery or a steak, it doesn't really matter. The bottom line is his finger is cut, he can't throw his split and we've gotta wait for it to heal.''

The question of how a right-handed pitcher, who presumably would cut "stuff'' with his right hand as well, wound up cutting his right index finger went unanswered.

All we know is Garca can throw all of his pitches except for his splitter, which is the most effective pitch in his arsenal, and at this point, neither he nor Girardi have any idea when he will throw a bullpen, let alone start a game.

In the meantime, maybe he can work as a chef at Benihana.
Wallace Matthews has covered New York sports since 1983 as a reporter, columnist, radio host and TV commentator. He covers the Yankees for after working for Newsday, the New York Post, the New York Sun and ESPN New York 98.7 FM.
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