Yankees Daily Briefing 08/24/11

The Yankees will hope to take advantage on Wednesday, when Trevor Cahill, who has a career ERA of 13.50 against the Yankees, takes the ball for the Athletics. The Yankees will have CC Sabathia (17-7, 2.96) on the mound as they look to even the three game series.

Discussion of the Day: Do you aree with the decision to bunt in the ninth inning, down by two runs, with one out and men on first and second base? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Behind Enemy Lines: Tyler Kepner notes that the Moneyball movie will debut, but not in the context the Athletics had wanted. The Athletics, of course, are the team at the center of Moneyball, but their probable third place finish is a far cry from the competitive teams of last decade.

1) Brien Jackson writes that it's time to take stock of the October rotation.

As the Yankees near the last month of the season, adjusting the rotation in preparation for the postseason (barring an absolute collapse), will take on added importance. While it is more or less a given that Sabathia would pitch the first game of any playoff series, whoever follows him is up for grabs. Freddy Garcia has in, some respects, been the second best pitcher for the Yankees, but whether or not his "stuff" can play against the better teams might be a question mark. Bartolo Colon has cooled in the second half, and Yankees fans are well familiar with the summer struggles of A.J. Burnett. On the other hand, both Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes have been progressing, and while a postseason start for either of them in May might have seemed laughable at the time, it's no longer a concept that should be dismissed quickly, if at all.

2) Steven Goldman at Pinstriped Bible argues that Jeter's bunt in the ninth inning of Tuesday's game was the wrong move.

While it's impossible to know how the ninth inning would have played out had Jeter not bunted, Jeter has raised his average to the point that hitting .300 on the year is doable, and had three hits already in the game on Tuesday night. Andrew Bailey was not particularly impressive -- even Nick Swisher's final out was hit to deep center -- and it's hard to argue that the risk of Jeter hitting into a double play outweighed the cost of the out given up in the process.

3) Bruce Levine wonders if Yankees' general manager Brian Cashman might consider leaving the Yankees for the Cubs.

Cashman's contract expires at the end of this season, and after the Chicago Cubs fired Jim Hendry, the vacant spot may seem attractive. Cashman, as Bruce notes, has stated he has no interest in leaving the Yankees, and he has been with the Yankees so long it might be hard to imagine him leaving the team. While the question of who would replace Cashman should he depart might be an interesting one to contemplate, the current season is still the bigger concern, and it's unlikely Cashman would break his own policy and announce a decision while the season has not yet finished.

4) It was a rough day for two of the Yankees' top prospects.

Triple-A Scranton beat Rochester, 5-4 in 12 innings.

Jesus Montero was hitless in six at bats and struck out twice.

Dellin Betances pitched three innings, allowing two runs on one hit. He walked nine and struck out four.

Double-A Trenton lost to New Hampshire, 9-1.

Austin Romine was hitless in four at bats.

High-A Tampa was postponed due to rain, while Low-A Charleston split a doubleheader with Greenville, winning the first game 5-2, and losing the second 5-0.

Short Season Staten Island lost to Lowell, 6-5, while the Rookie GCL Yankees beat the GCL Phillies, 4-1.