Yankees Daily Briefing 09/07/11

A.J. Burnett's success in his last start may be the result of a new pitching motion (see below). The Yankees will get a chance to see if the new motion remains successful when Burnett takes the mound for the Yankees on Wednesday afternoon. They'll face Baltimore's Zach Britton (9-9, 4.22).

Discussion of the Day: How long do you believe is reasonable to wait out a rain delay? Or, how late at night? Does anything change your reasoning? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Behind Enemy Lines: Jeff Zrebiec wonders if the Orioles can avoid 100 losses. The Orioles might not have been expected to compete this year, but they were certainly expected to perform much better than they have.

1) Andrew Marchand speaks with Derek Jeter, who notes that 9/11 feels as though it was just yesterday.

It can be hard to fathom that ten years have passed since the day that many may consider to have changed their lives, and there is no underestimating the significance of the day in American history. The Yankees (as well as the Mets, who played the first major league game in NY after the attacks) occupy a special role; the resumption of baseball was seen by many as the first thing to return to normal. The Yankees' 2001 postseason run, while not ultimately successful in baseball terms, may have been the most memorable one they've had in recent memory.

2) Tyler Kepner wonders what criteria should be used when picking a league's most valuable player.

What measures a voter chooses to use for MVP might, this season, very well end up deciding whether Jose Bautista -- who had a Barry Bonds-like first, but has cooled off in the second and plays for an out-of-contention team -- or Curtis Granderson, who has been more consistent and whose value for a playoff team may be seen as more significant, takes home the prize. That, of course, does not consider Jacoby Ellsbury or Justin Verlander, who are also being discussed as possible candidates.

3) Marc Carig writes Burnett hopes that new mechanics will be more successful.

If Burnett were pitching any worse than he has been this season (with the exception of his most recent start), the likelihood is that he would have lost his spot in the rotation. New mechanics at this stage in his career is not an easy feat, but for Burnett, his survival in the rotation may depend on it. That said, if Burnett can be successful while there are still another two years on his contract, it would be a significant boon to the Yankees. Burnett would also not be the only Yankee to have a late career renaissance, though Burnett does not have the same resume as his predecessor.

4) Short Season Staten Island's first postseason game was postponed tonight; none of the full season affiliates made the postseason and the GCL Yankees already won their league's championship at the end of August.