Leyland is against 1-game playoff

There has been plenty of speculation over baseball adding a wild-card team and implementing a one-game playoff between two wild card clubs in order to ensure exciting races in September.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland is against the idea.

"I'll get in trouble for this, because I am not in favor of a one-game playoff," said Leyland, who talks regularly with commissioner Bud Selig and has served on MLB's Committee for On-Field Issues for a year and a half. "I am not in favor of that. That's probably going to happen, but I am not in favor of the one-game playoff."

Leyland quickly added to laughs: "And I might not be on the committee tomorrow."

Leyland also said he prefers seven-game series to five-game series. Current format calls for teams to play five-game division series and seven game league championships and World Series.

"I think it's always better if you can have a seven-game playoff. I think it's more credible, to be honest with you," Leyland said. "But I guess what they try to do is ... not to get too far into the cold weather."

He added: "There's no perfect scenario."