CC's agent says they will "exhaust" all efforts to stay in Bronx

CC Sabathia's agent made it sound like that Sabathia will definitely opt out -- or, at least, threaten to -- but he definitely will try to remain with the Yankees. Or least, try his hardest to stay.

"CC has been clear about how he feels about New York and the Yankees," One of Sabathia's agents, Brian Peters told our teammate Buster Olney (insider subscription required), "and we will exhaust all of our efforts to reach a new agreement [with the Yankees]."

All along, the feeling has been that Sabathia would get a raise, but remain in the Bronx. Sabathia has said how much he loves here. He has always seemed sincere. Sabathia has the right to opt-out after the third year of his seven-year, $161 million contract.

It is probably wise to take Sabathia and Peters at face value until proven otherwise. The Yankees are definitely going to offer Sabathia a lot of money so if he goes someplace else for a little more, it will be hard to reconcile all the statements.

Again, that is why I believe Sabathia and Peters mean it. In his three years, Sabathia has come across as maybe the most sincere player in the clubhouse.

Also, Peters, echoing Brian Cashman, said that no negotiations have begun yet. The Yankees could strike a new deal at any point with Sabathia. Sabathia has until three days after the World Series to opt out of his contract.