Sabathia: I need to stay slim


CC Sabathia thinks he needs to keep his weight off after he became "lax" during this season.

"It is something I need to do, regardless for me, and be proactive," Sabathia said. "It is what it is for me. I just need to go out and be healthy and try and do what I can to be out there for every start I can for this team. For me, that means losing weight so that's what I'll do."

When asked if he felt his conditioning got worse over the year, Sabathia admitted it did.

“I felt great going into spring training last year,: Sabathia siad. "[I] got a little lax during the season, but I feel great. My arm feels great. My shoulder, my knee, whatever. I feel good.”

Question: Do you think Sabathia will keep the weight off?