Tex: Will Bobby still let me hit?

For the past two years, Mark Teixeira has done his off-season hitting at Bobby Valentine's hitting academy in Stamford. But speaking at the Waldorf-Astoria today, where he picked up his Sportsman of the Year award from the March of Dimes, Teixeira jokingly wondered if he will still be allowed in the cages now that Valentine has been hired to manage the Yankees' arch-rival Boston Red Sox.

"I was joking around on Twitter and Facebook, I don’t know if he’s going to let me hit at his facility anymore in Stamford,'' Teixeira said to MLB.com's Bryan Hoch. "I’ve been hitting there for two years now at Bobby V’s academy and he’s there a lot. He’s a very busy guy obviously, but we’ll go and we’ll talk about hitting, we’ll talk about baseball. I don’t know if those conversations are going to be kept to a minimum now.”

You can read the rest of what Tex had to say here.