Cashman throws down gauntlet to Bobby V

After rappelling off the side of a large building in Stamford, Conn., Yankees GM Brian Cashman has challenged local legend and new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine to join him for the high-altitude trek next year.

"I publicly challenge Bobby Valentine to join me on the building [next year]," said Cashman, wearing his now familiar spiky, bandana wig as he practiced going down the side of the 22-story Landmark Building on Friday morning.

Cashman is a big fan of Valentine's and believes Boston made a great hire. With Valentine on board, Cashman believes the Rivalry turns another page.

"It is a different chapter," Cashman said. "They had a great manager in Terry Francona and obviously when they made the decision to make a change there, they replaced him with someone who is a great manager in his own right, so Bobby will be all-in with Boston. He knows how to manage. He knows how to do the X's and O's. He will be more than prepared, like he always is. He is one of the smartest people I have come across in this game in my short time. It is just going to be another chapter.

"That is the one thing about this rivalry, it goes so long and it is going to go forever so it is just a new chapter."

Cashman didn't think it was surprising that Valentine took nearly a decade to get an MLB job after being fired by the Mets.

"Well, he gets paid a lot of money, for good reason," Cashman said. "He is that good. He went to Japan. He took his talents to Japan. It is the right opportunity. It is the right opportunity for anyone because you have a team that can win now and a manager who is experienced in media and big markets so it seems like a perfect fit."

Cashman, who will rappel with Santa from the Landmark Building as part of Stamford's Christmas Festivities on Sunday at 5 p.m., began his practice session at 6:30 a.m. Friday. It is the second year in a row Cashman has done it and he said he is much more comfortable, being supported by just a harness as he goes down the side of the building in an elf costume.

Next year, he wants some company.

"Landmark Building, be there, Bobby," Cashman said. "Add another job to your resume -- the Stamford Rappelling team. He has done a lot of great things, but this would be another great one for him to add."