Cashman remembers when the Boss benched him

Brian Cashman has been in no rush this offseason -- and that is not changing with the Winter Meetings.

Cashman is not leaving until shortly after noon on Monday. The meetings start Monday morning, but Cashman isn't sweating it.

"That is the great things about cell phones now," Cashman said.

Reminiscing about George Steinbrenner, Cashman remembers eight years ago when The Boss wouldn't even let him go to the meetings.

"I operated the Winter Meetings without even going to the Winter Meetings," Cashman said. "George benched me. They were in New Orleans in [2003.] George didn't even send me at all."

Why didn't he want you to go?

"I don't remember," Cashman said "But he was always like, 'Those things are overrated. It is a waste of money. No one ever gets anything done.' I remember he was mad at me at the time. I remember he had an option on my contract at the time.

"Actually, I learned that they picked it up from called me from The Post for a comment about my option being exercised. No one from the Yankees told me. They issued a release and everything. I wasn't allowed to go to New Orleans. They picked my option it up. It was confusing."