Yu already expected this, but ...

Here, there and everywhere, the Yankees said they weren't getting Yu Darvish. It continues to look like they were telling the truth.

As we have said on the site countless times, the Yankees think the risk/reward of Darvish is too great. They don't want to spend $100 million for a starter when they have no idea if said pitcher could pitch in the major leagues.

If they were going to spend the type of dough that Darvish will command between his posting and his contract, they would have just tried to sign C.J. Wilson, according to one Yankee official

Anyway, the Star-Ledger's Marc Carig quoted a source saying the Yankees aren't getting Darvish. The Post says Toronto is the favorite.

So the Yankees still do not have a certified No. 2 starter. Of course, no one knows what Darvish is in the majors. Personally, I agree with their approach on Darvish.

The official news as to where Darvish is headed will be revealed by Tuesday.