If you see Brian Cashman in a casino . . .

. . . don't play poker with him, because I guarantee you will never know what he's holding. The most remarkable aspect about the Friday the 13th Massacre, when the Yankees killed the competition by adding not one, but two top-shelf starting pitchers, was not that they acquired Michael Pineda from the Mariners, but that no one outside the organization seemed to have any idea the deal was even in the works. The Yankees' interest in Hiroki Kuroda, the other half of the twin-killing, had been well-known and publicized for months. But no one saw the Pineda and Jose Campos for Jesus Montero and Hector Noesi deal coming although, I am now told, it has been on the table for at least a month. The toughest part for the Yankees, presumably, was parting with Montero, a big-time bat, but the club believes offense was the least of its worries. Now, the Yankees are seriously considering cobbling together a DH slot out of Andruw Jones and a rotation of Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson and Robby Cano, with the possible addition of minor-league masher Jorge Vazquez in the mix as well. In that case -- assuming the Yankees don't re-sign Eric Chavez -- Eduardo Nunez will see plenty of fill-in time at all three infield positions.