Good news for A-Rod: 56% don't hate him

After all these years, it's still tough to be A-Rod. According to a story on Forbes.com, Alex Rodriguez is still among the 10 most "disliked'' athletes in the U.S., along with such famous nogoodniks as Tiger Woods, Kris Humphries and LeBron James.

But it's not all bad news for A-Rod -- according to the poll conducted by Nielsen and its partner, E-Poll Market Research, "only'' 44% of those surveyed voted "dislike,'' "dislike somewhat'' or "dislike a lot,'' which I guess is a nice way of voting "hate.'' That means more than half the country "likes,'' "likes somewhat,'' "likes a lot,'' or just plain doesn't care about Alex Rodriguez, although that last choice is hard to imagine.

Anyway, it sure sounds like more than a 44% dislike ratio in most ballparks when A-Rod comes to bat, including on some nights, his own. You can read the entire story and peruse the photo gallery of the Terrible Ten here.