Sources: Yanks will receive $13M-$15M

The Yankees will receive $13 million to $15 million in salary relief when the A.J. Burnett trade to the Pirates is finally completed, according to two baseball officials with knowledge of the talks. This means the Bucs will pay anywhere from 39 to 45 percent of the remainder of Burnett's $33 million contract

Sources on both sides of the negotiations say they are optimistic that a deal will be completed, but one said he tended to think it would happen over the weekend rather than Friday. Many reports have had the Pirates unwilling to budge off of $10 million, but a source said they are already prepared to pay more than that.

An official with knowledge of the Pirates' thinking said the team is willing to take on more money, but give up lesser prospects. The official said he expected to the Pirates to likely give up marginal prospects with some upside.

When the trade is finally done, the commissioner will still need to approve it.