Rapid Reaction: A.J. Burnett deal

WHAT IT MEANS: Yankees fans won't have to watch A.J. Burnett give up three-run homers after looking great for much of the day. More importantly, for the front office, they will save a little -- $13M -- on what was a bad contract (five years and $82.5M). Burnett had his moments in the World Series and pitched pretty well in Game 4 of the ALDS, but there were too many black eyes in his three years in pinstripes.

WHAT DID THEY GET: The Yankees got two players from the Pirates who more than likely will never see the Bronx and, if they do, it will be as bit players. We went into detail about who Diego Moreno is here and Exicardo Cayones is here. These aren't top prospects, but, in the case of Marino, the Yankees are hoping they can straighten out his attitude and maximize his talent. But the guy is already 25 and has barely pitched at Double-A. Cayones is young, just 20, so he has time to develop. In other words, don't hold your breath waiting for these guys.

WHO WON THE DEAL: It is a good trade for both clubs, I think. Burnett, even with a reduced fastball, could do well in the NL Central after pitching in the AL East. "Well" is a relative term. He just became the first starter in Yankee history to have two seasons of 150 innings-plus and pick up a five-plus ERA.

The Yankees get $13 million back, which is not bad considering Burnett was their seventh starter. Now, the fight for the fifth spot is a two-man battle.

WHAT IS NEXT: The Yankees next move is expected to be signing Raul Ibanez as their lefty DH. He appears to be the first choice, though, Johnny Damon, among others, is still out there. The Yankees could also sign Eric Chavez to serve as Alex Rodriguez' caddy.

COMING ATTRACTIONS: Wally is going to have a column that should be wrap everything up.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Well, what do you think? A.J. is traded. Good deal or bad deal? Be heard.