The Translator: Joe Girardi

The Translator is a feature of the blog where we will present what someone said and what they mean.

THE QUESTION: Does this team have any weaknesses?

THE ANSWER: "I hope not," Joe Girardi said. "A lot of teams always look good on paper and it's what you experience during the course of the year, whether it's some injuries or things you go through, whether a player has a down year. You can go through that. But I like the team that's coming into spring training a lot. I think we have depth in a lot of areas. You look at our bullpen and I think there's a lot of depth there, and obviously we're going to get Joba back, who I thought threw the ball very well out of the bullpen last year. I like our club. Things that I have to aware of: Giving some guys some days sometimes, making sure they're rested. Giving them some DH days, managing that a little bit, and just keeping guys healthy. That's an important part."

THE TRANSLATION: We're awesome, but old.