Write it in ink: Yankees lineups set

Now that the Yankees have finalized their deal with Raul Ibanez, we can predict with full confidence the Yankees lineup on a daily basis no matter who is pitching. On days a right-hander is starting, Ibanez will start and, I'm guessing, bat seventh. On a day a lefty is starting, the same spot will be filled by Andruw Jones. I will trust you to fill in the rest of the batting order.

That's because Joe Girardi essentially said either Ibanez or Jones will be in the lineup every day, mostly as a DH platoon, but also occasionally in the outfield. (The guess here is Brett Gardner will sit against some lefties in favor of Jones, and Ibanez will play left when Curtis Granderson needs a day off, with Gardner sliding over to center.)

The expected addition of Eric Chavez, as-yet-unsigned although the manager blurted out his name today as if he were already in the clubhouse, gives the Yankees further flexibility in terms of resting/DH-ing Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira.

But for most days, it will be either Raul or Andruw along with eight other guys whose names you already know. Or should.