Teixeira closes up his stance

Mark Teixeira may look a little different when he steps to the plate this season. He has changed his left-handed bating stance in an effort to not to pull the ball so much.

"I've closed up my stance a little bit to make sure I'm using the whole field more," Teixeira said. "I have had an opened up stance for a really long time in my career. Being open, you really focus on the right field side of the field too much. Left-handed I wanted to shift my view to the middle of the field."

Teixeira and hitting coach Kevin Long first talked about it at the end of the season and decided it would be a good plan of attack.

Teixeira said the overall change is "not drastic at all."

"Hopefully, that will negate the shift a little bit," Teixeira said.

Previously, Teixeira said he may try to bunt more to take away the shift, which helped shrink his average to .248 overall last season and just .224 as a left-handed hitter.