Swish: There is pie-ing in baseball

Nick (Two Guns) Swisher held court at his locker for about 20 minutes this morning, showing off his new physique -- big arms, skinny legs, long sideburns -- that he earned in thrice-weekly workouts with the likes of Ray Lewis ,Clay Matthewsand Antonio Cromartie.

But the real news -- and it hardly qualifies as news if you consider the source -- is that Swisher will happily inherit one of the few open spots on the team -- the position of Post-Walkoff Pie Thrower vacated when A.J. Burnett was traded to Pittsburgh.

"We're gonna have to keep something going, man, because people in New York want pie,'' he said."So yeah, let's keep it going.''

Swisher had one important question, however: "Can you pie yourself?''

Murti of WFAN pointed out that if anyone could, it was Swisher, an assessment Swisher readily agreed with.

QUESTION: Which Yankee will wear the most pie this season? And how often will Nick Swisher have to pie himself, if at all?