Donnie Baseball comes out swinging

With the Albert Pujols Angels Show, it seems as if LA might not be a Dodger town anymore. Ummm, no, says Yankee favorite son/Dodgers manager, Don Mattingly.

He even brought up his old team and their friends from Flushing.

"It's kind of like Mets-Yankees," Mattingly said, according to to ESPN LA teammate Tony Jackson. "The Yankees are the team. (The Mets) are going to have their years when they play well, but the Yankees are still the team. I don't want to badmouth the Angels at all. Mr. (Angels owner Arte) Moreno has done a great job down there in Anaheim, and (Angels manager) Mike (Scioscia) does a great job. But we're the Dodgers, and that isn't going to change."

Question: Who would rather have managing the Yankees -- Mattingly or Joe Girardi?