Burnett loves Posada now?

Well, um, Jorge Posada said he didn't do anything different.

"No different at all," Posada said about how he handled Burnett Tuesday night.

So how should you read Burnett's comments a couple of posts below, and the Posada comment here.

The Yankees are going all Ari Fleischer on this Burnett-Posada-backup catcher love triangle. They divorced in last year's playoffs, and now they are trying to reconcile. Sorry, guys, in this situation issues always will remain.

Always trust the actions more than the words. Here is what we know: Burnett didn't pitch very well Tuesday night. Posada caught.

Burnett lasted five innings and gave up four runs, three of which were earned. The unearned run came in the first inning, because of Posada's throwing error.

Burnett, Posada and Joe Girardi are sick of talking about the issue. We understand that. They are trying to make it go away.

But Girardi will not sacrifice Burnett's psyche in important starts. So Girardi can call the duo "great" together. Burnett can do everything except say that Posada is like a young Johnny Bench. And Posada can say he did nothing different, but they worked well together.

We'll again find out the truth -- at least, what Girardi thinks -- by the manager's actions. We may have to wait a little while. But we'll find it out.