Evaluator: Sanchez passes Dellin B.

The fun thing about all these sites now with evaluation is that there are Mel Kipers everywhere. We mean that as a compliment because we have always loved Kiper's making a two-day activity into a 365-day job. Anyway, Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein, who also writes for ESPN Insider, has his new list of the Yankees Top 20 prospects.

Goldstein has Manny Banuelos No.1 and slots catcher Gary Sanchez as the only other Five-Star Yankee prospect. For Four-Star guys, Goldstein has Dellin Betances and Mason Williams. Among his Three-Star players are Jorge Campos and Dante Bichette.

As for me, my sleeper pick as a guy to watch is D.J. Mitchell. Just from talking to some of his teammates, I think he is a guy that might slide a little under the radar of the Banueloses, Betanceses, Adam Warrens and David Phelpses, but he might come up and do well at some point.