No news is good news for D-Rob

David Robertson, still on crutches and wearing a walking boot on his right foot, said he "felt better'' today than he had on Thursday but still did not know how serious an injury he suffered in a freak accident at his home Wednesday night.

"No new news today, just waiting to hear back,'' Robertson said. "It feels better today, that's all I can tell you.''

But Robertson said he still could not put weight on the foot, injured when he missed a step in his home while carrying some empty boxes out to the garbage.

"I didn’t feel like I broke anything when I fell,'' he said. "It was just really sore and I was having trouble standing on it.''

Thursday morning, Robertson had X-rays, which came back negative, and an MRI, which according to Joe Girardi, showed "some cause for concern.'' As a result, Robertson was sent back to the hospital for additional tests, which were overnighted to Yankees team physician Dr. Chris Ahmad and a foot specialist, Dr. Justin Greisberg. As of this morning, the results of their examinations had yet to be announced.

"I think they're just trying to take an extra look to make sure nothing's wrong,'' Robertson said.

Robertson, in fact, was more concerned with the embarrassment of having injured himself in a household accident than with the injury itself.

"I don’t even want to come talk to you guys about it,'' he said, laughing. "I'd rather tell you I tripped over a chair in the clubhouse than tell you I fell down the stairs in my house. Not like full flight of stairs, either, just one stair.''

Told that his clumsiness had been outdone by Rays pitcher David Price, who had to leave a game Thursday because of neck spasms caused when he toweled his head too vigorously between innings, Robertson pumped a fist into the air.

"Yes!'' he said. "That's good news right there. It's the best news I've heard all day.''