Girardi responds to Bobby V's comments

Yankees manager Joe Girardi was naturally preoccupied with the injury to Joba Chamberlain on Friday, but he was asked about Bobby Valentine's postgame comments following Thursday night's 4-4 tie with the Red Sox.

The new Boston manager was irked that he had a pitcher warming up for the top of the 10th inning when Girardi asked the umpires to call the game, because he had run out of pitchers.

"It was regretful that [Clayton] Mortensen warmed up and we were told we were not playing any extra innings," Valentine said. "I didn't think that was very courteous."

"I gotta worry about our club," Girardi sad after Yankees' 6-4 win over the Twins in Tampa. "The day before, I was approached in the eighth inning [by the umpires], 'Did we have extra pitchers?,' when we were at Tampa. I wasn’t approached last night.

"As I said, I gotta worry about our club, and keeping our club healthy, and not putting people in bad situations, and making sure our club is ready to play. And he has to do the same thing for his club."

Girardi said he would have been open to just playing the top of the 10th, so that Mortensen could have pitched. (Mortensen was optioned to Triple-A Pawtucket on Monday.)

When pressed further about Valentine's comments, Girardi said, "I don’t really know what he said. As I said, I’m worried about our club. I’ve had a few things to handle today, that I’m much more worried about. And I’ll continue to worry about our club."