Al B. Al: The Miami Edition

Al B. Al is a recurring feature of the blog in which we highlight the wit and wisdom of Alex Rodriguez and his unique way of expressing himself.

Today's edition of Al B. Al comes to you from this morning's news conference at Marlins Park, where our hero was asked to share his memories of growing up in the area. At one point, Al B. Al was asked to talk about his first visit to the Orange Bowl, which stood on the site of the new ballpark.

Al B. Al: "You guys are probably too young, but you guys remember the Monday night game where Marino beat the Bears who were about to go undefeated? That was one of my greatest childhood memories. That's one of the classic nights of the stadium.''

First of all, just about every reporter in the room is older than the 36-year-old A-Rod, including the one who asked the question, Sweeny Murti.

Second of all, when he was asked where he sat in the Bowl that night, Al B. Al said: "I watched it at home that night.''

That's just Al Being Al.