Notes: Hal has not called Girardi

Back in the day, if the Yankees began 0-3, George Steinbrenner would have been calling his manager on the phone, demanding to know what is wrong. There would be stories about the manager's job being in jeopardy.

So has Hal Steinbrenner called Joe Girardi about the 0-3 start? Nope. During his pre-game session with reporters, Girardi said he hasn't heard from Hal.

Murti from FAN chimed in, "Silent treatment?"

"He has given me the treatment that we talk a lot during homestands," Girardi said.

The new Boss is definitely not the same as the old Boss.

* Two things to watch for with Ivan Nova: No. 1, if Nova can't throw his fastball for strikes early in the count, it could be a long night for him. This was his problem during the spring.

No. 2, Girardi said he will be watching Nova's emotions, but it is not because Nova is in his second season.

"My biggest thing the first time through the rotation is emotions," Girardi said. "Because of that anxiety to get off to a good start. He has been watching for three days. He hasn't had a chance to play. It is kind of like a bench player who hasn't had a chance to play."

* Eduardo Nunez' defense will be an issue until he plays consistently. Girardi said he thought Nunez "got over it last year." Nunez didn't help himself by booting the first ball he saw of the season on Saturday in Tampa. He is back in there tonight at third as A-Rod DHs.

* About that shift? I asked Girardi if he thought part of the reason that Joe Maddon installed so many shifts is because he wants to get in the Yankees' hitters' heads. Girardi thinks that is part of it to try to make players do things they don't want to. Girardi added the Yankees did score 12 runs in the first two losses.

"That's not bad," Girardi said.