First Pitch: Could Phelps start this year?

On the day Andy Pettitte signed, the Yankees seemingly had seven legit starters. Soon, though, they decided Michael Pineda's lost velocity was due to a sore shoulder.

Freddy Garcia and Phil Hughes survived the spring survivor series, but each have two poor starts so far.

Meanwhile, rookie long man David Phelps has looked phenomenal, displaying a more complete arsenal -- four pitches -- than Hughes. Phelps is not starting soon, but it is conceivable that he could be in the rotation at some point this season because he has control of his fastball, curve, slider and change combination.

Long-term, the Yankees look at him as a starter.

"In my mind, I believe he has the ability to be a starter because he is four-pitch guy," Joe Girardi said. "I've never really seen David Phelps start for a long time. What I have seen is a guy who knows how to command the baseball and has different weapons to go to get right-handers and left-handers out."

Phelps has been able to move his fastball wherever he wants, which is a large reason why he has only allowed one hit, a home run, in his first 8 1/3 major league innings. He has struck out nine of his first 25 outs.

"If I were to say anything right now, I would probably envision him as a starter going forward, but it is really early to make that assessment," Girardi said.

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you think David Phelps will start at some point this year?