The Binder: First inning is a loss for Girardi

In a recurring blog feature, The Binder, will present all of the major decisions by Joe Girardi, a.k.a. Joey Looseleafs. We will not only evaluate The Binder's choices, but we will track The Binder's win-loss record.

Joe Girardi wanted to give Robinson Cano a day off, saying that Cano is not a kid anymore. In his place on Thursday against the Twins, Girardi put in Eduardo Nunez at second.Cano was given a half-day as the DH.

While Nunez may be the most exciting player on the team, he probably is the club's worst defender.

OK, not probably.

In the first, Nunez couldn't make a routine throw to first and Phil Hughes went on to give up four runs. The first two came on a Ryan Doumit's grounder that would have been an inning-ender if The Binder had Derek Jeter playing in the normal shortstop position instead of shifted behind second base.

Even though Hughes was throwing at 93-plus, Girardi had Jeter rotate to his left and Doumit went the other way. It cost the Yankees two runs.

Thus, The Binder is awarded a loss.