Conspiracy theories abound

In the wake of the Michael Pineda injury, the first reaction of a lot of Yankee fans has been that the Mariners put one over on the Yankees, that they know Pineda was damaged goods when they made the trade for Jesus Montero in January.

I'm not buying it because the Yankees routinely request all medicals on every available free agent as well as players they are interested in trading for. And before any deal is approved, all players must pass an extensive team physical designed to weed out such things. Remember that Hideki Okajima was briefly a Yankee -- until he failed his physical.

And yet, even those of us who should know better are wondering the same thing. For instance, this evening, I broke the news about Pineda to one of your favorite Yankees (and mine). It is only fair to keep his identity a secret because it wasn't an interview, just an off-the-record conversation.

The player's first reaction was shock: "You gotta be (kidding) me!'' he repeated several times.

Then, the fan in him kicked in. "Do you think we got him that way?,'' he asked.

So, conspiracy theorists, you are not alone. You have company in the Yankees clubhouse.