Lighter Joba optimistic about return

Joba Chamberlain showed up in the Yankees clubhouse for the first time since his open dislocation of his right ankle. Chamberlain appeared noticeably lighter, having lost a substantial amount of weight. He was his usual optimistic self.

"It is pretty exciting," Chamberlain said about being in the Bronx. "I had butterflies walking in. It has been awhile since I've been here. Being able to play catch is pretty exciting."

Chamberlain's right foot is in a walking boot, which he hopes to lose in the next week. He is re-learning how to walk after hurting the ankle in the trampoline accident during spring training.

Chamberlain just started playing catch again as he tries to return from Tommy John surgery as well. Chamberlain could not say when he could possibly return to the majors, but it is still months away, at best.

"We are just going to go a day at a time," Chamberlain said. "There is so much that goes into it."

Chamberlain said he has lost weight, but he declined to say exactly how much. He added he has lost "more than a couple" of pounds. By appearance, he was noticeably slimmer.

"I had to watch what I eat," Chamberlain said. "I feel great. Obviously, being able to have any advantage that I can."

It seems, at the earliest, Chamberlain could return at the end of August.