When's Mo going under the knife?

Good question, and manager Joe Girardi did not have an answer on Friday afternoon.

"No, not that I know of," said Girardi, when asked if a surgery date has been scheduled for Mariano Rivera's injured knee. "I know they want to make sure that [the knee's] strong and it's flexible. My assumption is that he'll continue to see the doctors, and when they say it's time, it's time."

Rivera suffered the torn ACL just over two weeks ago, on May 3 in Kansas City.

No matter when he undergoes knee surgery, we'll almost certainly have to wait until 2013 to see the Yankees closer in action again.

In the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine, Howard Bryant penned a piece on Rivera, writing that the future Hall of Famer revealed his true character by refusing to walk away from the game following the freak injury:

"In injury, the least known of the great Yankees offered the clearest blueprint of his true self. He is pure competition. He does not fear the end of his dominance, being drilled into retirement by guys who wouldn't have been able to touch him when he was beautiful, at his best. Those fears are for the people who love him, who love watching him, who hurt when he fails. They are not for the fighter. Humiliation to Rivera is not stepping onto the mound and being beaten, for losing is a part of competition. Humiliation is ending your career with a freak accident in the outfield at 5:30 p.m. instead of on the mound."

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