Pettitte simulated game probably Saturday

BALTIMORE -- Andy Pettitte's next step in his rehab from his fractured fibula is likely a simulated game on Saturday, according to pitching coach Larry Rothschild. Pettitte is in the stage of his conditioning where he's building up his arm strength. On Wednesday, Pettitte threw 16 pitches. Rothschild wouldn't speculate on how many he could throw on Saturday, but doubling it seems like a realistic expectation.

* Robinson Cano was back at second after two games at DH. Joe Girardi said he had no concerns about Cano's hip, which came up after Cano failed to dive for a ball Monday in Tampa.

* Girardi spoke a lot about the Yankees' offensive philosophy. He said it is to "score runs."

On small ball, he said it is not just about bunting. He will play small when the right players come up at the right time, but he does not want to run into outs. In other words, Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez won't be sacrifice bunting often, if ever.