Notes: Tex, Jeter, Nunez and Nix

BALTIMORE -- Here are a few more notes to go along with the Andy Pettitte/Ivan Nova news before first pitch.

(Here's the news story on Pettitte and Nova.)

• Joe Girardi is not reconsidering putting Mark Teixeira back at first base for the first time since he injured his calf 10 games ago. Girardi said the infield usually is dry because of the tarp.

• Girardi DH'ed Alex Rodriguez for the third straight game, but plans to put him at third base on Sunday.

Derek Jeter is expected to be the team's DH on Sunday, but Eduardo Nunez will likely not play shortstop, Giardi said. Instead Girardi plans on going with Jayson Nix. Nix is at third base on Saturday.

When Nunez was first called up, he was in the lineup at shortstop, but Jeter wanted to play the field. Instead, Nunez DH'ed and contributed offensively. Since that day, Sept. 1, Nunez has only briefly appeared in one game.