Girardi: 'What would Derek Jeter say?'

The Yankees may be down a game and their captain, but manager Joe Girardi isn’t ready to concede the ALCS just yet.

“I don’t ever tell you about team meetings, but it could happen,” Girardi replied Sunday when asked if he planned on giving an “all is not lost” speech to his team.

“I mean, you know, when I think about the impact of Derek Jeter to the sport, now this is just my observation, okay -- we had to move on from a lot of different things this year. We’ve lost the greatest closer of all time where people left us for dead. People left us for dead in August and September, said we were panicking and we laughed at it, and we said no, we’re going to be fine. We won more games in the American League than any anyone. ...

“I mean, I see people come into my office to do my interviews and they are down. And what would Derek Jeter say? ‘I’m great, let’s go.’ And that would be his message. And we have to find a way. We have done it all year long, and we’re going to have to do it again. I mean, how often have we had our full lineup the whole year? Not very often. I mean, we just haven’t. So he would say, ‘great, let’s go.’”

• The manager said he may end up using Eduardo Nunez at shortstop, but wants to go with Jayson Nix there for now and take it day-by-day. ... Girardi reiterated that Alex Rodriguez is not an option at short. He thinks that Jeter’s injury could inspire Rodriguez to snap out of his funk.