Torre visited Jeter after injury

Joe Torre says he never saw Derek Jeter as down as he was after fracturing his left ankle on Saturday night.

"I think the fact that he was hurt was one thing, I think the fact that he knows he can't be there for them to play," Torre said before Game 2 of the ALCS. "It sounds hokey but it's true."

After Jeter suffered his injury Saturday night, Torre, who managed Jeter from 1996-2007, visited the shortstop as the medical staff examined him and performed their tests. "He wasn't talking last night. He really didn't say anything," Torre said. "Guys were coming in there after the game was over. He just pretty much sat there."

During his time as the Yankees' manager, Torre had to battle with his shortstop to give him days off, even when the team had wrapped up a playoff spot or its division crown. Instead of asking Jeter if he wanted a day, Torre would give Jeter specific off days to choose from.

He recalled the Yankees' captain playing though a hand injury during one of the playoff series against the Red Sox during the early 2000s. "He's indestructible. It's one of those things. You never even question whether he stumbles and falls, if he's going to play," Torre said. "Watching it on TV the other day he's limping all over the place and he couldn't even stand on two legs and he was DHing the next day."

Jeter hit .333 during the playoffs and is coming off one of the finest seasons of his career as he batted .316 as a 38-year-old. "When you consider I had him as a 20- or 21-year-old back in 96, and I think at that point if you tell me he's going to be playing in 2012 to the level he's been playing at, you knew you had to be lucky," Torre said.