Girardi: Don't rule anything out

If Curtis Granderson and Brett Gardner are on the team next season, could the Yankees make Gardner their center fielder and move Granderson to a corner position?

“I think anything is possible,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday, as he and CC Sabathia assisted with the Yankees’ Hurricane Sandy charity drive. “We haven’t really decided what we are going to do with our team because, right now, what do we have -- 13 players, 14 players? We have to wait to see what the makeup of the team is.”

In terms of Granderson’s play in center, Girardi didn’t exactly glow.

“I thought he did a decent job for us,” Girardi said.

The idea that Gardner and Granderson could switch positions was first reported by CBS Sports. Most consider Gardner a better center fielder than Granderson, so it makes some sense. Granderson, who is due $15 million next season, can become a free agent at this time next year.

Here are five more highlights from Girardi.

Hiroki Kuroda has until Friday to accept the Yankees’ one-year qualifying offer of $13.3 million, or Kuroda can seek a larger contract in free agency. A return to the Dodgers or to his native Japan would figure to be enticing to Kuroda.

“I’ve heard talk about that he wants to finish where he started,” Girardi said. “He could wait another year if he wanted.”

Girardi said he will talk to Andy Pettitte and Kuroda to try to see where they stand.

“The one thing that you don’t want is if it is not in a guy’s heart for him to come back, because it is a lot of work,” Girardi said.

Girardi said he has played phone tag with Pettitte.

Derek Jeter is in Tampa and is still on crutches, Girardi said. Girardi didn’t know when he would be off them.

• Girardi was fortunate to never lose power to his Westchester home during last week's storm. He said they had a few trees down, but nothing serious. They have taken some family and friends in.

“The area around us was hit extremely hard, but for whatever reason, we were blessed and didn’t lose anything,” Girardi said.

• Girardi said that a report that he called up to the press box to make sure Alex Rodriguez’s name was announced when he was pinch-hit for in the playoffs wasn’t exactly correct.

“How it was reported was incorrect,” Girardi said. “I’ll just leave it at that.”

Girardi added, "I’m very protective of many players. That’s just how I am. I know that maybe that doesn’t serve you as well. But I think that is important. I’ve always thought that is important.”

Girardi said he watched only part of the World Series.

• The Yankees will continue their Hurricane Sandy relief efforts all week. Nonperishable goods can be dropped off around-the-clock at Gate 2 at the Stadium.