How will you remember Swish?

Nick Swisher is not officially out the door yet, but he took another step closer to leaving. The expectation was that this would be Swisher's final season as a Yankee -- and that was before another awful postseason, which included his complaints about the fans.

Still, Swisher was a very productive regular season outfielder. He provided the Yankees power and patience, which is what they ideally like. Was he great? No. But when you look around the majors, he was pretty good.

The amazing end to his journey with the Yankees from fan favorite to nearly despised, had me thinking, how will the fans remember Swisher's four years?

It will be hard to forget, that's for sure. He was never as loved -- or as hated, for that matter -- in the clubhouse as some liked to believe. He was accepted as a productive and enthusiastic presence in a mostly corporate locker room. Outside, it seemed to me, the fans adored Swisher's act.

So going on the informed assumption that this is it for Swisher, how will you receive him when he returns in another uniform?