28 Questions for No. 28

Joe Girardi loves the Rolling Stones, skiing and he considers himself a practical joker.

These are some of the aspects of his life Girardi shared when ESPNNewYork.com sat down for 28 questions with No. 28.

With the stress of the season behind him, it was a chance to get to better know the Yankees manager.

1. Growing up, what was your favorite sports team?

GIRARDI: The Bears for football. Obviously, we are huge Northwestern fans, because we went there. But I also cheer for the Jets and the Giants and I also cheer for Alabama.

2: Let's go with the Bears. Who was your favorite player?

GIRARDI: Walter Payton.

3. Why?

GIRARDI: Just an incredible athlete, an incredible runner.

4. With the Jets and the Giants, have you gotten to know those guys at all?

GIRARDI: A little bit. I text Tom Coughlin. We communicate back and forth. I've been out to the Jets camp and seen Rex [Ryan] and seen what the guys do. I consider myself a New Yorker so I cheer for both.

5. I would like to see you and Rex. You and Rex are kind of different.

GIRARDI: I think we are a little bit different [smiles.] But I grew up a Bears fan, and his father [Buddy Ryan] had quite an impact on the Bears. I was aware of the [Ryan] brothers because of the father.

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