The Yankees' Cy Young goes to ...

... Rafael Soriano.

With the AL and NL Cy Youngs being awarded on Wednesday, we are doling out our own award for the Yankees. Soriano gets the nod over CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda. Soriano's 42 saves in 46 chances -- beginning in May -- might make him the team's MVP (Tune in on Thursday to find out).

With David Robertson still an unknown in the ninth, Soriano might have been the difference in a division title and the wild card.

Sabathia and Kuroda deserved serious consideration, as well. If you want to make the starters-are-more-important-than relievers argument, I can understand that. But how do you choose between the two?

Kuroda (16-11) had more wins than Sabathia (15-6), while they basically had the same ERA. Kuroda finished at 3.32 compared to Sabathia's 3.38. Kuroda was a bit more durable, with 219 2/3 innings to Sabathia's 200.

In the end, Soriano's the choice for the Yankees' 2012 Cy Young.

Question: Who do you think was the Yankees' best pitcher in '12?