Your Yankees MVP is ...

... Robinson Cano.

Earlier Thursday, we made it clear Cano should not be ahead of Miguel Cabrera for the overall MVP. But as far as the Yankees' MVP, his numbers cannot be overlooked. A .313 average, a career-high 33 homers and 94 RBIs. His OPS was .929.

Derek Jeter felt like the MVP. His year was unbelievable, leading the AL in hits with 216, but his OPS was .791. Cano even scored more runs than Jeter, 105-99. Cano, despite his struggles this season, was a better defender, covering more ground. Forgetting numbers, Jeter's year may have felt more more valuable and he deserves credit for hustling all the time compared to Cano, but Cano's numbers are too overwhelming.

Soriano saved the season, replacing Mariano Rivera. Without Soriano, who knows where the Yankees would have finished? He converted 42 of 46 saves. Soriano was tremendous, but an everyday player makes more of an impact. So the call here is Cano.

Question: Who is your pick for the Yankees' MVP in '12?