A-Rod the biggest lo$er in playoffs

Major League Baseball today announced the value of its postseason shares, and if its any consolation to disappointed Yankees fans, the Yankees' haul of $115,065.28 for each of their 58 members voted full playoff shares -- including not only players but front office personnel and selected members of the support staff -- means that most of their underperforming roster took a huge financial hit in October.

By my admittedly unscientific calculating method, each Yankee made exactly $12,777 for each of the nine playoff games the team appeared in. (I divided each player's yearly salary by 162 to come up with how much each Yankee is paid per game.) So 11 Yankees lost a ton of money for playing nine games in the post-season, and the hardest-hit was, fittingly, Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod's $29 million salary for 2012 works out to $179,012 per game in the regular season, which is when most of the players get paid (a minority do get paychecks all year, but for the sake of expediency, let's assume the Yankees all get paid in the standard fashion, twice a month from Opening Day to the end of the season).

At that rate, it cost A-Rod a whopping $167,000 a game for his nightmarish playoff run, in which he hit just .120, was pinch-hit for three times and was benched, humiliatingly, for three games, including two elimination games.

Other big losers among the Yankees were CC Sabathia, wo lost about $129,000 a game; Mark Texieira, who lost about $121,000 a game; Derek Jeter, who not only broke his ankle but lost $98,000 a game, and Robinson Cano, who played for $86,419 less a game then he normally would and went hitless for what seemed like a month.

On the flip side, Raul Ibanez, who had a postseason to remember, pocketed an extra $6,000 a game; his regular-season salary of $1.1 million worked out to about $6,790 a game.