New Ichiro deal: One year too many?

The Yankees are about to finalize a deal that will keep Ichiro Suzuki in pinstripes through the 2014 season. (You can read my news story about it here.)

The surprising aspect of the story is that Ichiro will probably take $1 million less than the Philadelphia Phillies were offering, and $2 million less than another "mystery" team was offering, to stay with the Yankees. That is all good.

But how do you feel about the Yankees committing to Ichiro for not just one year, but two? The deal brings Ichiro right to the cusp of his 41st birthday, which he will hit on Oct. 22, 2014. Clearly, this is a move designed to stay within the $189 million payroll ceiling for 2014 mandated by owner Hal Steinbrenner. For instance, Nick Swisher probably would have cost them twice as much. And Ichiro certainly showed in his two months as a Yankee that there's a lot of good baseball left in him.

But is two years too much of a good thing? For a team that clearly needs to get younger, this looks a lot like a move in the opposite direction. That's just my opinion, of course. Now, I'd like to hear yours. Let us know what you think of the Yankees signing Ichiro for two more seasons in the comments section below.